Nvidia launches ‘functionally safe’ AI self-driving platform NVIDIA DRIVE 

Nvidia announces ‘functionally safe’ AI self-driving platform NVIDIA DRIVE 

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Nvidia announces ‘functionally safe’ AI self-driving platform NVIDIA DRIVE

NVIDIA (NVDA) unveiled details of its functional safety architecture for NVIDIA DRIVE, its AI autonomous vehicle platform, which uses redundant and diverse functions to enable vehicles to operate safely, even in the event of faults related to the operator, environment or systems.

The NVIDIA DRIVE architecture enables automakers to build and deploy self-driving cars and trucks that are functionally safe and can be certified to international safety standards, such as ISO 26262.

The NVIDIA DRIVE AV autonomous vehicle software stack performs functions like ego-motion, perception, localization and path planning. To realize fail operation capability, each functionality includes a redundancy and diversity strategy.

For example, perception redundancy is achieved by fusing lidar, camera and radar.

Deep learning and computer vision algorithms running on CPU, CUDA GPU, DLA and PVA enhance redundancy and diversity.

The NVIDIA DRIVE AV stack is a full backup system to the self-driving stack developed by the automaker, enabling Level 5 autonomous vehicles to achieve the highest level of functional safety. Included are lockstep processing and error-correcting code on memory and buses, with built-in testing capabilities.

The ASIL-C NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier processor and ASIL-D rated safety microcontroller with appropriate safety logic can achieve the highest system ASIL-D rating.

NVDA closed at $219.59.


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