Axsome Therapeutics reports positive migraine data

Axsome Therapeutics announces AXS-07 met primary, secondary endpoints

Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM) announced that AXS-07, Axsome’s novel, oral, multi-mechanistic investigational medicine for the acute treatment of migraine, met the two regulatory co-primary endpoints and significantly improved migraine pain and most bothersome symptoms as compared to placebo in the MOMENTUM Phase 3 trial.

Axsome reports positive migraine data, Stockwinners

AXS-07 also met the key secondary endpoint, demonstrating statistically significant superiority to the active comparator rizatriptan on sustained freedom from migraine pain.

MOMENTUM was a randomized, double-blind, placebo- and active-controlled trial which enrolled only patients with a history of inadequate response to prior acute migraine treatments, assessed using the Migraine Treatment Optimization Questionnaire, or mTOQ-4.

A total of 1,594 patients were randomized in a 2:2:2:1 ratio to AXS-07, rizatriptan, MoSEIC, meloxicam, or placebo, to treat a single migraine attack of moderate or severe intensity.

In addition to a history of inadequate response, enrolled patients exhibited a high rate of characteristics that are strongly associated with poor treatment outcomes including cutaneous allodynia, severe migraine pain intensity, obesity and morning migraine.

The study was conducted pursuant to a FDA special protocol assessment, or SPA.

AXS-07 met the two regulatory co-primary endpoints by demonstrating, with high statistical significance, a greater percentage of patients as compared to placebo achieving pain freedom and absence of most bothersome symptom two hours after dosing.

Superiority of AXS-07 to rizatriptan and MoSEIC meloxicam was established as specified in the SPA, by demonstration of a greater percentage of AXS-07 patients achieving sustained pain freedom from two to 24 hours after dosing, compared to rizatriptan and MoSEIC meloxicam, as well as to placebo.

The positive results on both co-primary endpoints along with the demonstration of component contribution support the filing of an NDA for AXS-07 in the acute treatment of migraine.

AXS-07 provided greater and more sustained migraine pain relief compared to placebo and rizatriptan, which translated to a significant reduction in rescue medication use for AXS-07 compared to placebo and rizatriptan.

The percentage of patients experiencing sustained pain relief from two to 24 hours after dosing was 53.3% for AXS-07, compared to 33.5% for placebo and 43.9% for rizatriptan.

Sustained pain relief from two to 48 hours was also experienced by a statistically significantly greater proportion of AXS-07 patients, compared to placebo and rizatriptan patients.

Rescue medication was used by 23.0% of AXS-07 patients, compared to 43.5% of placebo and 34.7% of rizatriptan patients. AXS-07 provided rapid relief of migraine pain with the percentage of patients achieving pain relief with AXS-07 being numerically greater than with rizatriptan at every time point measured starting at 15 minutes, and statistically significantly greater than with rizatriptan by 60 minutes.

The proportions of patients experiencing pain relief 1.5 hours after dosing were 60.5% for AXS-07 compared to 52.5% for rizatriptan and 48.3% for placebo.

AXS-07 was statistically significantly superior to rizatriptan on several other secondary endpoints including Patient Global Impression of Change and return to normal functioning at 24 hours.

AXS-07 was safe and well tolerated in the trial.

The most commonly reported adverse events with AXS-07 were nausea, dizziness and somnolence, none of which occurred at a rate greater than placebo or greater than 3%.

There was one serious adverse event in the AXS-07 arm which was deemed by the investigator not to be related to study drug.

The MOMENTUM study was conducted pursuant to an SPA with the FDA.

The SPA provides agreement that the overall MOMENTUM trial design and planned analysis adequately address objectives that, if met, will support the regulatory submission for approval of AXS-07 for the indication of acute treatment of migraine in adults with or without aura.

Based on FDA feedback, Axsome believes that MOMENTUM will be the only efficacy trial required to support an NDA filing for AXS-07 for the acute treatment of migraine.

Axsome plans to file the NDA in the second half of 2020. AXS-07 is a novel, oral, rapidly absorbed, multi-mechanistic investigational medicine for the acute treatment of migraine, consisting of MoSEIC meloxicam and rizatriptan.

AXS-07 is thought to act by inhibiting CGRP release, reversing CGRP-mediated vasodilation, and inhibiting neuro-inflammation, pain signal transmission, and central sensitization.

Axsome’s MoSEIC technology significantly increases the speed of absorption of the meloxicam component after oral administration while maintaining a long plasma half-life.

AXS-07 is covered by 21 issued U.S. and international patents providing protection out to 2036, and Axsome maintains worldwide rights.

Detailed study results, including additional secondary endpoints, will be submitted for presentation at upcoming medical meetings and for publication.

AXS-07 is also being evaluated in the INTERCEPT Phase 3 trial which is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the early treatment of migraine with AXS-07.

In contrast to the ongoing MOMENTUM trial in which patients with a history of inadequate response treated migraine attacks once they have become of moderate or severe intensity, in the INTERCEPT trial, patients are to administer AXS-07 at the earliest sign of migraine pain.

AXSM closed at $101.98.


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